Inchworm Gear Multi-Fit Toyota Drive Shaft Flange Adapter (TDT-FA)

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This adapter will work to connect almost ANY Toyota flange and Toyota drive shaft!! It will even work as a drive shaft spacer for all patterns except the 95' and older CV's. This adapter does not work with the early 8mm bolt patterns, but works with all later 10mm bolt patterns. The aluminum sleeve pictured on the right fits in the center of the adapter from either side and allows installation of the adapter in either direction. 

This is a great solution for guys doing transfer case swaps of for a trail spare, if you break your drive line on the trail and have one of these in your tool box you can install almost any drive line to get off the trail.

We are offering this adapter with or without 4 drive line bolts, nuts and washers. - CLICK HERE FOR BOLTS - We recommend using at least green thread locker on the drive line bolts. When installing the drive line bolts the lock washer will need to be seated under the nut against the metal flange, not against the aluminum adapter.

Still running that stock chain driven transfer case? Want to change your driveshaft Bolt pattern but can't find a flange? One of these little goodies should help out. There are no multi drilled flanges available for the Tacoma, V6, or Pre ‘95 Automatic tcases. Inchworm Gear Driveshaft Flange Adapters allow you to bolt up the driveshaft you want to the flange you have.

Here is info that may be useful in identifying what you have and what you may use.

Bolt Pattern and Typical Application Breakdown
-60mm x 60mm x 8/9mm 1979-1983 U-Joint (can be drilled out to 10mm to match 84-95 u joint style)
-56mm x 64mm x 8/9 mm 1979 - 1983 U-Joint
-60mm x 60mm x 10mm 1984-1995 U-Joint
-60mm x 68.5mm x 10mm 1984-1995 CV Joint/4cyl
-61.5mm x 70mm x 10mm 1988-1995 CV Joint/V6
-66mm x 66mm x 10mm 1995.5-200x Tacoma, Some Tacoma pickups use a 66mm square bolt pattern.

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