Inchworm Gear Built Lefty™ (Leftie™) – Left Hand Drop Geared Transfer Case (TCASE-IW-600-01)

Weight 93.0000
Manufacturer Inchworm Gear
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The Lefty™ is a gear driven transfer case for a Tacoma, 4Runner, or FJ Cruiser with a left-hand drop front axle. It adapts to stock 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmissions, as well as stock automatics.

The Lefty™ can be doubled by adding a Double Transfer Case Setup to your cart. Combined with our Tacoma Transmission adapter, Lefty™ bolts right into a stock 95+ Tacoma, 4runner, or FJ Cruiser * with no driveline or crossmember modifications required, though now is a good time to make these Parts as well. Some shifter and wiring modifications are necessary. * Some 6 speed FJ Cruisers may need the front driveline shortened about 1 inch. Lefty™ has the clocking built right into the housing. This gives the benefits of high clearance, nearly 4″ better than stock. It wont take much to get a totally flat belly with Lefty™.

Lefty™ will be especially useful for 4Runner and FJ Cruiser owners where there isn’t much room for installing double cases with the stock case. Lefty™ also will be useful in earlier (pre ’95) trucks to allow the use of left hand front differentials such as a High Pinion Dana 60.



-Lefty™ is not synchronized like the stock Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Cruiser part time 4wd transfer case is. This means that part time 4wd vehicles will need to come to a stop before shifting into 4wd. However, the ADD (automatic differential disconnect) can be wired to an independant switch and can be locked ahead of time (think of it as locking your hubs) so that 4wd can be engaged while moving. Contact Inchworm Gear for more details.

-Lefty™ is a part time 4wd transfer case. Full time 4wd vehicles (like the manual FJ Cruiser) will become part time 4wd with the Lefty installed. Because there is no front axle disconnect or ADD on full time front ends, these vehicles can be shifted into 4wd while moving.

-Lefty™ is a gear driven case that uses older factory cut gears. It will be louder than a modern chain driven OE transfercase. 


Take a look at the Lefty™ User Guide for care and use information.

Please allow at least 3-4 weeks build time.

6 Month Limited Warranty on Case. Warranty on Gears and Outputs based on the options you choose. Warranty is void without crossmember and/or proper mounting. 



This chart shows you the difference between running a 4.7:1 Crawl Box in front of the OE Chain Driven Transfercase and a 2.28:1 Crawl Box in front of the 4.7:1 Geared Lefty.

To get down to close to the same Tourque (4000+) you would need the 4.7 gears in the crawl box in front of the Factory Case. The major issue is, as you can see circled in chart, is that you are double the torque going into the back case and that will cause major stress on the Gears, Splines, Inputs and the case itself.   

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