Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Rebuild Parts (Sierra, Jimny, SJ413)

Need to rebuild or parts for your Suzuki Samurai, Sierra, Jimny or SJ413 Transfer Case? Low Range Off Road stocks these parts so you don't have to run a thousand places to get them. Some of these items are so expensive at the dealer that it is hard justifying replacing. Not anymore. We are here to help you put life and longevity into your Transfer Case by replacing with new OEM and aftermarket parts.
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Picture Part # Description Price Qty
Suzuki Samurai Updated Front Output Shaft-STC-UOS
Suzuki Samurai Front Output Shaft w/ Pilot Bearing-STC-UOSw/b
Suzuki Samurai, SJ413, Sierra Transfer Case Rear Output / Main Shaft

We have seen many Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Rear Output / Main Shafts go bad on the bearing journals.

We have some customers call us and tell us that their shift collar engagement splines are worn... well this is the way they are from the factory.Take a look at the picture so that you can see what it looks like brand new.

These are new replacement units. We are a large OEM Suzuki Parts supplier. If you do not see what you need, please let us know and we can quote you pricing.

Regular Price: $179.00

Sale Price $140.00

Input Shim Thick 0.3mm / .0118in (STC-SI.3)
Input Shim Thin 0.1mm / .0039in (STC-SI.1)
Output Shim Thick 0.3mm / .0118in-STC-SO.3
Output Shim Thin 0.1mm / .0039in-STC-SO.1
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Flange Nut (29951-83050)

This is a Suzuki Samurai Replacement Flange Nut. This nut sometimes gets damaged when removing due to the stake at the end of the nut to the main shaft or output shaft. Works on all Suzuki Samurai's even if the factory nut is a nut and washer.

We use these instead of the old style because it is a one piece unit.

We recommend replacing these any time your transfer case is rebuilt or disassembled as the nuts are staked to the input and output shafts.

While costing over $12.70 at the dealership, we now have these for less and we stock them by the thousands!

Fits:  1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai


Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Lower Shifter Boot and Clamp-STC-BOOT

This is the boot and clamp that goes directly on the transfer case. This is not the boot that goes in the interior of the vehicle.

Suzuki Samurai Replacement Transfer Case Breather-STC-B
When we clean Suzuki Samurai Transfer Cases, usually there is a lot of debris that gets caught in the factory Samurai Transfer Case breather. That is why we carry replacements. These are a press in fit but can usually be removed easily with a hammer and chisel, and then installed with a deep socket that fits the base of the breather.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Speedometer Housing Retainer Bolt-STC-SRB
This is the bolt that holds in the speedo gear housing and the speedometer cable to the transfer case. These can be sometimes lost or corroded when rebuilding a transfer case.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Speedo Gear-STC-SG
This is the speedometer gear that goes inside the speedometer housing. This has to be removed before any transfer case rebuild. These will get pitting on the teeth and can have failure due to corrosion. We have replaced quite a few of these. We recommend replacing the o rings and seal when installing a new gear.
Suzuki Samurai Speedo Gear Housing-STC-SGH
This is the housing that goes into the transfer case to hold the speedometer gear. This needs the two speedometer o rings, the speedometer seal and the speedometer gear to complete the assembly which are all sold separately.
Suzuki Samurai Speedo Gear O-rings-STC-SGOR
This is 2 o rings that are installed on the body of the speedometer gear housing.
Suzuki Samurai Speedo Gear Oil Seal-STC-SGOS
This seal is usually not included in all transfer case rebuild kits. It is usually a missed item that doesn't cost too much to replace.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case 4 Wheel Drive Switch Wire Tie Clamps (order 2 for 1 transfer case)-STC-WTC
This is the replacement wire tie clamp (2 needed for 1 transfer case) that holds 4wd switch wire away from being caught in the intermediate drive shaft and front input and output flanges. These are longer than the factory units, unfortunately this is the only thing that will work as a replacement unit for the Samurai.
1985-1990 Samurai Transfer Case 4wd Switch / 1985-1989 Reverse Switch

This is the switch that controls the light on your dash and is also the back up switch on 86-88 models. With time, the wires get very weak at the switch and break off, leaving your 4wd light useless. This is also used in the transmission (forward most switch) to switch the rear taillights on when in reverse. This is the replacement switch to remedy the issue of broken wires.


1986-88 Suzuki Samurai Back Up Switch

1986-90 Suzuki Samurai 4WD Light Switch 



Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case 4wd Switch Detent Ball-STC-4WDSDB
This is the 4wd switch transfer case detent ball. These sometimes get lost when removing the 4wd switch. This detent ball is larger than all of the other detent balls in the transfer case. Without this, the 4wd switch will not work.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drive Clutch (Shift Collar)
This is a part that we see go bad on a normal basis. When the transfer case output splines are not meeting up correctly with the joining spline, this is the collar that takes the beating. If your transfer case is popping out of front wheel drive even with an updated output shaft, this could be to blame.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shifter Retainer Spring

This is the spring that sets below the collar that holds the transfer case shifter in place. Sometimes these can get rusted up and even break leaving your transfer case shifter sloppy. A new one is only $2.00!

Please Note : This part can not be changed out on mid 91 and Later T-Case 

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Gasket and Seal Kit

Leaky Transfer Cases leave spots on your driveway and give us a bad reputation as off road enthusiasts. Keep the environment clean and seal up that transfercase the right way. All Suzuki Samurai transfercases come with Gaskets from the factory to seal up the transfer case, not silicone.

If you use silicone alone you are not shimming the transfer case correctly and the bearings may wear prematurely. The shift collars may even be running against the shift fork on a bind constantly. This is not the way the transfer case was designed and could cost more down the road than just sealing it correctly in the first place.

Low Range Off Road stocks all parts for a good transfer case rebuild. If there is something you do not see on our website, please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call and we will help you out. We rebuild our transfer cases in house and can provide assistance to anyone having troubles. We stock a full line of OEM and aftermarket components to rebuild your transfer case correctly the first time.

A little help to our customers installing the rear output shaft seal:  This seal is a lot easier replaced by dissassembling the transfer case itself.  Our 6.5:1 Gear kit has some good instructions on how to disassemble the transfer case

In the pictures, it looks as if the rear seal is pressed in flush with the outside of the transfer case housing, but please note that the seal should be pressed until it is flush with the inside of the housing. (Looking inside the housing it will be flush with the shoulder)

This will help keep your oil off of your driveway!

Regular Price: $43.56

Sale Price $25.00

Suzuki Samurai Rear Output Shaft Retainer (Seal Collar)

Is your transfer case leaking out of the rear output? You could replace your seal, and still not seal correctly if the seal surface is not smooth. The rear output seal can wear deep grooves into this retainer over time and cause leakage from the rear output. Sometimes even corrosion or deep pitting can provide disaster. Most of the time when rebuilding transfer cases in house we replace this part to make sure there is no way for oil to escape.

Need a part for your transfer case that you don't see on our website? Give us a call or shoot us an email, we stock many parts for rebuilding Samurai transfer cases. We do this because we rebuild transfer cases in house!

Suzuki Samurai Front Output Hub (Drive Clutch) Circlip

This is the circlip that goes on last when the main shaft (otherwise known as the rear output) is assembled. This circlip retains the front output hub in place. Sometimes this clip can break or bend rendering it unusable.

Low Range has everything in stock for a full transfercase rebuild. If there is something that you need that you do not see online, please feel free to email us or call us for more information.

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Thrust Washer (STC-TW)
This is the thrust washer that goes on each case half when installing the coutershaft. We do recommend to replace these if running a lower ratio gear than stock. The lower ratio gears force the counter gear into these causing them greater wear.
Suzuki Samurai Replacement Transfer Case Drive Clutch Hub (STC-DCH)
This OEM Clutch Hub sits inside the Front Drive Sleeve behind the Front Output Shaft.
Suzuki Samurai HD Shifter Spring (Small)
This is a very small spring that has a high spring rate. This fits inside of your original transfer case detent spring. 1990+ Suzuki Samurai Transfer Cases have these installed on the front output detent spring only, but these can be installed on the 1990 and older for both the front output and the rear output detent springs. This increases the force on the detent to hold the shift rails in position and is an upgrade for all 1990 and older Samurai's.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drain Plug, Outset Style
If your Samurai came with the outset style drain plug from the factory, this will work. These were usually found on pre-1990 Samurai's.This has a magnetic center to catch all steel particles. Comes with aluminum washer. Sold Individually.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Fill Plug - Outset Style
This includes aluminum washer. Sold Individually
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shifter Spring Retainer Cup

This is essentially what holds your shifter down to the transfer case.  This goes after the spring is inserted onto the shifter.  To remove: push down to compress spring and rotate counter clockwise.  To install, insert spring onto shifter, insert shifter to transfercase, then insert retainer by pushing down and rotating clockwise.

Suzuki Samurai Detent Bolt
This is the detent bolt that goes on the outside of the transfer case to hold in the shifter fork detent springs. If someone has worked on your transfer case in the past and didn't use the right socket, you may have a bad one that will be difficult to remove again if you get it out.
Suzuki Samurai Speedometer Drive Gear, Press on Main Output Shaft
If your speedometer drive gear is bad, we recommend replacement. This is a new OEM part, fresh for many years of life.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shift Rail, Long Reduction Shifting
This is a new Transfer Case Shift Rail, Long for Reduction Shifting. There are 2 shift rails in the Samurai Transfer Case, this is the long one.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shift Rail, Short Front Drive Shifting
This is the Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shift Rail, Short for Front Drive Shifting. There are 2 shift rails in the Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case, this is the shortest rail of the 2.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Front Output Shift Rail E-Clip
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Front Output Shift Rail E-Clip
Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Transfer Case Front Drive Shaft Output Shifter Fork
This is the fork that goes on the small transfer case front output shift rail. It controls the front drive shaft operation when in 4WD Mode. These are NEW Units.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Spring Roll Pin, Front Drive Fork
This is the smaller of the 2 roll pins that hold the transfer case shifter fork to the smaller shift rail for the front drive operation.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Spring Roll Pin, Hi Low Reduction Fork
This is the longer of the 2 roll pins in the Samurai Transfer Case. This goes into the shifter fork that controls the hi-low operation of the transfer case located on the long shifter rail.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Front Output Shaft Pilot Bearing (STC-OB)

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Front Output Shaft Pilot Bearing

The front output shaft is supported by one roller bearing and one pilot bearing in the end of the main/rear output shaft. The pilot bearing can be damaged as a result of low oil flow. In addition, dirt, debris, and water tend to collect in this location causing the bearing to wear down and fail. If this happens, it wears into your front output shaft and can ruin the bearing surface leaving your $90+ front output shaft useless. We recommend replacing the pilot bearing when doing a transfer case rebuild or when replacing your front output shaft.

Please note: these are not easy to remove. We recommend a high-quality slide hammer to remove the old one. Sometimes you can borrow one from a friend or a mechanic or have a mechanic do it for you. Installing the new one is fairly easy with a right-sized socket or bearing install tool.

There is another option: See Video Below.

Regular Price: $12.72

Sale Price $9.99

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shift Fork, Hi-Low (Large Fork attached to long shift rail)
This is the Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shift Fork, Hi-Low. This is the large Fork attached to long shift rail.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Detent Spring, Large

This is the main detent spring that installs in the Samurai transfer case. This spring installs for the 4wd shifter fork and the hi-low shifter fork. The HD small spring available here at Low Range Off Road can install inside of this spring for additional spring force.

Sold Individually

Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shifter Sheet, Stock OEM (29541-80051)

We have a large amount of stock shifter sheets available, and we are offering them at a great price. These have probably lasted a good time in your Samurai... while not giving you the performance as our Nylatron Shifter Sheet, these will get the job done.

While costing an arm and a leg at the dealer, we have them for just $12.70!

We strongly recommend upgrading to our Lifetime Shifter Sheet Part Number SDT-TCSN located on our website HERE.

Fits:    1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai


Regular Price: $18.90

Sale Price $13.30

Transfer Case Main Bearing #1 (STC-MB-1)
Transfer Case Main Bearing #2 (STC-MB-2)
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Rear Output Shaft Seal (STC-ROSS)
If you are looking to seal up that transfer case nice and tight, we have all the seals ready for your option. This is the small Rear Output shaft seal. Please note: This seal does not sit flush with the outside of the case, but sits flush with the inside of the case. Another words, it is recessed inside the case about an 1/8-1/4".
Suzuki Samurai Front Input, Front Output Shaft Seal (STC-FIFOSS)
If you need to seal your front output shaft or front input shaft, Low Range Off Road has the option now to buy seals individually. Please Note: These seals sit in flush with the outside of the housing.
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drain Plug - Inset (STC-DPI)
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drain Plug - Inset (STC-DPI)
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drain Plug - Inset Magnet (STC-FPI)
Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Drain Plug - Inset Magnet (STC-FPI)
1991-1995 Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case 4WD Switch (STC-4WDS-91+)

If your four wheel drive switch wires have pulled out of your switch, you aren't alone. They can get old and come out after many years of usage. These are brand new units that should last you another 30 years.


1991-1995 Suzuki Samurai


Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case Shifter Fork Detent Ball-STC-SDB
Shifter Fork Detent Ball