Suzuki Samurai NGK Spark Plug Wire Set (SE76)

Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer NGK
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Looking for a Suzuki Samurai NGK Spark Plug Wire Set? Low Range decided to stock these after looking really hard locally for an OEM style spark plug wire set that didn't break the bank.  Could we find them? No. Either the cheapo ones were stocked at our local parts stores, or the NGK's were listed but not in stock.  We like to put either NGK or Denso ignition components on our import vehicles due to they being the OEM suppliers for Suzuki and Toyota ignition systems.  We have yet to go wrong with these.  They are also priced just right!

One thing that is awesome about these wires is that they are numbered as to which cylinder they go to.  They are also covered in a 250 degree celcius or 482 Degrees Farenheit silicone outer jacket. 

Fits: 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai Carbureted and Fuel Injected 1.3 Engines.

Note: These are not the same as 8V 1.6 Engines


4- Spark Plug Wires

1-Coil Wire


NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets are built to meet stringent OEM tolerances for a variety of import vehicles

  • Superior Firing and Fuel Savings
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Consistent Performance
  • Excellent Noise Suppression
  • Perfect Fit for Your Car

When a spark plug fires, it creates a great deal of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Uncontrolled, this can show up as static in the radio or other electronic devices, or much more seriously, in electronic ignitions, fuel injection, and engine management systems. This interference with EFI and engine management systems can cause "cross talk" between wiring harnesses resulting in poor running, misfiring and decreased performance.

NGK Resistor Spark Plug Wire Sets utilize a construction method known as "variable pitch" wire winding to create resistance to radio frequency interference. The variable pitch winding (loose/tight/loose) provides suppression throughout a very wide range by "scrambling" and breaking up the electrical waves radiated by the firing of the spark plugs.


A ferrite magnetic layer consisting of a mixture of rubber, plastic and powdered ferrite magnetic materials, offers uniform resistance and unsurpassed conductivity. NGK wires have a lower resistance than conventional carbon core wires (8k ohm/meter vs. 16k ohm/meter). This comparison is important to remember when you consider that many manufacturers recommend wires be replaced when the resistance exceeds 20k ohm/meter. This does not leave much margin for wear when the wire may only meet original standards at the very early stages of its life.

At the center of NGK Resistor Spark Plug Wire Sets is a fiberglass stranded core, made from the same family of materials used in bullet proof vests. This core greatly enhances the overall strength of the wire, providing a super strength backbone on which the various layers of the wire assembly are formed. The core gives protection from damage caused by the pulling strains that wires are often subjected to and that can destroy their performance.

High quality EPDM and Silicone coverings are used to resist high heat, oil and chemical damage for increased durability.

Custom designed terminal boots are always used to provide exact fit (not universal fit like other major wire manufacturers). Each NGK ignition wire is fitted with a positive locking, corrosion resistant Stainless Steel terminal end for tight fit and maximum resistance to vibration and separation.

NGK Wire Sets are numbered for easy cylinder identification and coil wires are color coded for correct and easy installation.

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