Suzuki Samurai 1.6L Engine Swap Adapter Kit (SEU-16SK, SEU-16SK-HDMM)

Manufacturer Low Range Off-Road
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Suzuki Samurai 1.6L Engine Adapter Swap Kit (SEU-16SK) Weight: 16.0000 lbs
Suzuki Samurai 1.6L Engine Adapter Swap Kit with HD Motor Mounts (SEU-16SK-HDMM) Weight: 20.0000 lbs




   Download Installation Instructions

If you are looking for the most complete engine adapter kit for your Samurai, you have found it.  This kit adapts the popular 1.6L Sidekick, Tracker, Vitara Engine to the Suzuki Samurai 5 Speed Manual Transmission and includes all brackets needed to mount in your Suzuki Samurai frame. Engineered, Manufactured and Tested here in Orem Utah, USA. 


-Utilizes Factory Style Rubber Mounts.  No more vibration from Polyurethane mounts that take no vibration away. Available with or without Heavy Duty OEM Style Mounts


-Perfect Alignment of the Transmission input shaft.  Using our 3D Scanning technology, we were able to correctly identify shaft centers- so no worn out bearings and shafts from off center alignment.

-Bi-Zinc Plated Bracketry for Corrosion.  We try and keep everything pretty from day one to day 1 million. 

-Custom Machined Chromoly Hardware.  We have utilized a double ended stud design so that you do not have to drill out your transmission for engine to transmission fastening. 

-The most complete instructions on the market- Detailed Photograpic 133 Steps in COLOR to be exact.

-Utilizes 1.6L Starter. Includes hard to find starter bolts that are not included with other kits on the market.

-No body lift should be needed for 1.6L 16V Engines.  - With minor trimming on throttle cable bracket and intake tube supports. 1.6L 8V will need either 1" Body Lift (Available at Low Range Off Road HERE),  minor hood clearancing or the use of our 1.3L Carb to 1.6L 8V Fuel Injected Air Intake Adapter (SEU-AIA) HERE.

-The best value for your money- Buy with the HD Motor Mounts and SAVE!!



You will need the complete 1.6L engine with all the hoses and pulleys along with the following:





-Air Cleaner

-Exhaust Manifold

-Head pipe.

You can use your 1.3L intake manifold to run the stock carburetor if you wish or swap in the fuel injection from the 8 valve or 16-valve engines. 

To go fuel injected you will need the following in addition to the above:

Engine Wiring Harness

Everything attached to the harness

Under dash wiring harness

ECM (computer)

Instrument Cluster

Air cleaner assembly

Grab the catalytic converter if you can.

The donor vehicles wiring harness will need to be modified for use in the Samurai as well as the Samurai speedometer which will need the speed sensor from the donor vehicle adapted to it. There are a few companies that will modify your harness for a price.

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