Spartan Locker for Suzuki Samurai (17013)

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Spartan Locker for the Suzuki Samurai front or rear with Factory Side Gears.

As soon as a new Samurai Product hits the market Low Range Off Road is one of the first to know about it. When Spartan released a lunchbox locker for the Samurai we immediatly started putting them in our own trail rigs and can confidently recomend them to our customers. 

This is a fully automatic locker. when it engages you have 100 percent lockup, making your little Suzuki go where no man has gone before...okay maybe where a few have gone (Stay on the Trail!).  We feel obligated to warn you that all Samurai lunchbox lockers are LOUD!  You will regularly hear popping and clanking in your axles that might seem alarming.  While these usually quiet down as they break in, be prepared to hear some noise.

The hard facts just cant be beat. One thing that sets this locker apart from some is the 9310 material it is machined from. Most manufacturers are machining their lockers out of 8620 alloy, which is normally what you see in material for ring and pinions. But when you are creating a part that has to be up to the task of hard usage off road, there is no shortcuts to be made on material. 9310 is harder, has a higher tensile strength, a higher yield strength, and a higher impact strength. What more could you ask for in such a small package?

JP Magazine commented in their Head-To-Head Lunchbox Locker Shootout, "The Spartan Locker is a newcomer to the game, and it was obviously designed by someone who has installed one or two lunchboxes in their time. The pins are bigger, there is no skinny screwdriver or right-angle pick games to play."

These can be used in any Samurai rear differential as welll as front differentials up to 1989.


If you have a 1990 and up Samurai (normally those that are fuel injected) the carrier in the front is a "2 Pin Carrier." This will not work with a Spartan. You will need to source a "4 pin carrier" from a 1989 and older Samurai.

You can use Spartan Lockers with Heavy Duty Chromoly Front Axles. You will need to source a set of factory rear side gears with 26 splines. All stock samurai front axles use 23 spline side gears while aftermarket axles are 26 spline.  Pick yourself up a stock rear carrier to pull the side gears out and you are set. Low Range Off-Road also carries new OEM side gears to save you time.

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