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RotopaX Cans


RotopaX is the best choice for Fuel Cans, Gasoline Containers, Water Cans, Emergency Cans and Storage Cans. RotopaX are Rotational Molded - the process which produces indisputably superior products. These Cans or sometimes called "tanks" are your solution to safe fuel storage on and off the trail.  They are an updated version to the popular "Jerry" cans that have been used for years on Jeeps, Toyota's, Suzuki's, Motorcycles and ATV's. Low Range Off Road is proud to be a RotopaX dealer.  

RotopaX are the only EPA and CARB Compliant Fuel Containers Available in the United States. 

This is thanks to a patented 3 layer Roto-Molding Process, along with specially formulated plastic barrier material to meet the governments new extremely low permeability requirements. Roto-molded products have distinct advantages over any blow-molded containers on the market today.  Blow-molded products, such as cheap “gas cans,” are less expensive to produce, but they tend to color fade, are less durable, and may be prone to additional defects such as leaking.  RotopaX, on the other hand, provide the following benefits:

  •  Durable: thicker walls and stronger construction helps RotopaX work and play as hard as you do.
  •  Colorfast: bright colors that are less prone to fading ensure the longest-lasting fuel containers you’ll ever own.
  •  Leak-Proof: extra threads, thicker walls, and a sure-seal gasket guarantee your spout wont leak or vibrate loose.

Customizable Flexibility, Unlimited Uses

RotopaX is an exclusive, modular system that allows you to customize 2 Gallon packs according to your varying needs. It takes only seconds to switch between many uses. The wide array of products and the flexibility of the RotopaX system opens additional applications beyond ATV/UTV such as: Gasoline, Water, Diesel, Kerosene, 2-Cycle, Emergency Packs, First Aid Packs, Utility Packs, Workshop/Factory, Marine, Landscape Maintenance, Home/Farm/Ranch, And much, much more...

Effortless Mounting

RotopaX utilize widely-available mounting brackets which make mounting and storing your RotopaX even easier. And remember that our packs can be used separately as well. What about the future? As your requirements change from day-to-day, RotopaX is the only system that gives you the freedom to mix and match your packs at will. If you need a different pack in the future, you can easily merge it into your existing RotopaX system.  Now that’s innovation!