Allstar Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Extinguisher 2.5lb Red (ALL10500) Weight: 7.0000 lbs
Fire Extinguisher 2.5lb Chrome (ALL10501) Weight: 7.0000 lbs
Fire Extinguisher 5lb Red (ALL10502) Weight: 10.0000 lbs


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Ever been in a situation where you needed a fire extinguisher? If you don't have one, it is not a fun experience! In the summer or 2010, one of our local customers was out playing at an area called Little Moab. Somehow his driveshaft snapped, which resulted in contacting his tube frame, and hit a fuel line simultaneously. He got the buggy stopped as quick as he could (the motor was wrapping out at about 5000 RPM, and the buggy was doing close to 65 MPH) and attempted to put the flames out with dirt. By the time others got to his location, the buggy was fully engulfed. Once it was all said and done, it was a total loss. If he had a fire extinguisher, it would have greatly improved the buggies chances. Don't be caught without one! When you need one, it is great to have!

Hand held dry chemical fire extinguishers are perfect for rock crawlers, race cars, the trailer, tow rig, or garage use.  Each extinguisher includes steel mounting bracket and strap, aluminum nozzle and hairpin safety pin.

Rated ABC by Amerex. Effective against electrical, liquid, grease, wood or paper fires. The 5lb extinguisher includes a hook type mounting bracket to hang extinguisher on shop or trailer wall.


Fire Extinguishers can only be shipped to Lower 48 States and only on UPS Ground

We can not sell these internationally.