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Front Axle

Low Range Off Road stocks more selection of parts than anyone when it comes to front axle parts for your 4x4 Hilux Pickup Truck or 4Runner. Solid Axle parts are not easy to find in junk yards anymore- and why should you have to? Low Range keeps on hand parts from manufacturers like RCV, Trail-Gear, Marlin, All Pro Off Road just to name a few. Upgrade your axle to items like Longfield's Chromoly Axles or RCV's Lifetime Warranty Ultimate 4340 and 300m Chromoly axles. Pop in a set of OE Toyota Aisin hubs... and should you ever need replacement parts, we have that too. 

We recently completed a full video series on how to completely rebuild a Toyota Solid Front Axle

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  1. Toyota Spindle Stud Kit by Low Range Off Road (TAX-SSK-LR)

    Toyota Spindle Stud Kit by Low Range Off Road (TAX-SSK-LR)

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Sale Price $27.55

    When you have your gaskets, backing plate and spindle all in your hands trying to get the holes to line up, you wish you had this kit. The factory spindle is attached using 8 bolts per side that make it hard to install.

    We do not use nyloc or top lock nuts due to them backing out the stud when removing the nut. We use a serrated flanged grade 10 nut that has a 14mm head that will not do this.

    Since there is 8 studs per side, we have yet to have a fastener failure no matter what grade used  However, we have included high quality grade 8.8 and 10.9 hardware that is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Learn More

  2. Steel Pinion Castor / Shims (pair) Samurai, Toyota, Jeep

    Steel Pinion Castor / Shims (pair) Samurai, Toyota, Jeep

    Regular Price: $45.95

    Sale Price $43.65

    Caster angle has alot to do with many steering issues you may have. Most just worry about their pinion angle in the front but you have to deal with your caster angle first and pinion angle second. You generally between 2 and 5 degrees positive caster. That means the top of your tire is angled toward the fire wall. Kind of like a bycicle. For the rear you have to set your pinion angle differently for the type of drive shaft you are running. See the attached graphic. Learn More

  3. Dirty 30's- 30 Spline Birfield/Axle Kit (303398-1-KIT)

    Longfield- 30 Spline Birfield/Axle Kit (303398-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Sale Price $379.05

    Longfield 30-Spline 4340 Chromoly Axle & Birfield Kit

    The new 30 spline axle kit is a perfect match for your next budget build. This kit offers an increase in strength over stock axles (76% Stronger) without breaking the bank. Reminder: This kit comes with a 12 month warranty against breakage and the 30 spline birfields are single heat treated.

    Learn More

  4. Toyota "Better Than Stock" 4340 Chromoly Birfield

    Toyota "Better Than Stock" 4340 Chromoly Birfield (TAX-CB)

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Sale Price $113.05

    This is an OEM style, 27-spline birfield made entirely out of 4340 chromoly material. The material upgrade makes this birfield much stronger than stock. Note: This product carries a one year warranty against defects. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. An example of a covered defect would be a missed machining step that prevents installation or a Learn More

  5. Toyota Creeper Drive Flanges

    Toyota Creeper Drive Flange Kit w/Dowel Pins, Drill Bit and Dust Shield (140134-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $164.27

    Sale Price $156.06

    Heavy duty drive flanges for Toyota solid front axles. These flanges are much stronger then factory drive flanges or lock out hubs. Flanges feature a larger center section with more support for the splines. Made from hardened tool steel (4340 Chromoly), these hold up much better to the kinds of torque possible with today's heavy duty aftermarket axles. Kit includes Learn More

  6. Toyota Replacement Axle Housing Breather (TAX-AHB)

    Toyota Replacement Axle Housing Breather (TAX-AHB)

    Regular Price: $9.19

    Sale Price $8.73

    This is a factory Toyota axle housing breather. Inside is a Internal spring loaded flapper valve that helps prevent water from entering through breather during water crossings.

    Stock replacement for old, rusted or damaged units.

    We recommend our other breather kits for dirty or wet environments as they will offer even greater protection against water.

    Learn More

  7. Solid Axle Differential Breather Extension (TAX-BE)

    Solid Axle Differential Breather Extension (TAX-BE)

    Regular Price: $8.91

    Sale Price $8.46

    Why would you want to modify a Factory Breather? Simply put, the stock breathers will not keep water out when submerged. Normally you would use just the factory breather...until you go through a river or mud! Plus, when a differential cools down it creates a vacuum due to the cooling effect...who wants to vacuum water in their diff? Protect your differential Learn More

  8. Flip Socket, 19MM/21MM (170003-KIT)

    Flip Socket, 19MM/21MM (170003-KIT)

    Regular Price: $17.64

    Sale Price $16.76

    For installing wheels and spacers this is the right tool for the job. 13/16" on one end and 3/4" on the other. Thin wall design fits better than standard sockets. This socket is rated for use with an impact gun. 1/2" drive. Learn More

  9. Toyota Backing Plate Dust Shield Eliminator Kit (140058-1-KIT)

    Toyota Backing Plate Dust Shield Eliminator Kit (140058-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $20.95

    Sale Price $19.90

    The brake backing plates can be a bother on front Toyota solid axles. They often get bent from trail damage and small rocks can get trapped between the backing plate and the rotor causing noise and damage. For many years we have taken the stock brake backing plate and cut out the center section. Then we would reassemble the axle Learn More

  10. Toyota Rock Ring Knuckle Felt Protectors

    Toyota Rock Ring Knuckle Felt Protectors (140051-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $27.56

    Sale Price $26.18

    We have had a lot of people tell us they don't like the stock inner felt plates because they are so thin and are easily damaged in the rocks. Well check out this trick solution... super heavy duty rings made from 1/8" (.125) material. Stock covers are just .040 thick. That's over three times thicker than stock! These bolt on Learn More

  11. Aisin Toyota Manual Locking Hubs '79-85 4Runner, Hilux Pickup

    Aisin Toyota Manual Locking Hubs '79-85 4Runner, Hilux Pickup

    Regular Price: $186.59

    Sale Price $177.26

    Factory new Aisin Toyota locking hub. Fits solid axle Toyota Pickups and 4Runners from 1979-1985. Learn More

  12. Toyota Aisin Hub Outer Dial O-Ring

    Toyota / Suzuki Aisin Hub Outer Dial O-Ring

    Regular Price: $5.25

    Sale Price $4.99

    There is a small rubber O-ring located between the inner and outer hub dials. If this ring becomes damaged water and dust can leak into the hubs. It can also make turning the dial difficult. Easy to install using snap ring pliers and 10mm socket. Learn More

  13. Toyota Aisin Hub Stud Kit, Cone Washer, Stud, Nut, Lock Washer

    Toyota Aisin Hub Stud Kit (TAX-HSK)

    Regular Price: $6.62

    Sale Price $4.99

    Each kit contains one stud, cone washer, lock washer and nut (8mm). Fits Toyota Pickup/4Runner 8" solid front axle hub from 1979-1985. Learn More

  14. Toyota Wheel Bearing Kit (140007-1-KIT)

    Toyota Front Wheel Bearing Kit (140007-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Sale Price $42.75

    Wheel Bearing kit includes inner and outer bearings, hub gaskets, inner wheel bearing seal and star lock washer. One kit services left or right side. Learn More

  15. Toyota Soild Axle Spindle Brass Bushing

    Toyota Solid Axle Spindle Brass Bushing (TAX-BAB)

    Regular Price: $19.00

    Sale Price $18.05

    Replacement brass axle bushing for Trucks with Solid Axles. These wear against the birfield joint and over time can wear to the point of making slop between the axle and the spindle. We recommend while doing a knuckle rebuild to replace these while you are in there. Learn More

  16. Toyota Spindle/Wheel Bearing Nut Kit

    Toyota Spindle Wheel Bearing Nut Kit

    Regular Price: $9.36

    Sale Price $8.89

    Normally the nuts that hold the wheel bearings can be reused over and over again. If your wheel bearing retainer nuts need replacing this kit is for you. Kit contains 2 nuts, star washer and flat index washer. Fits: 79-85 Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck and 4Runner Solid Axles Learn More

  17. Toyota Spindle Stud Kit

    Toyota Spindle Stud Kit (140050-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $33.08

    Sale Price $31.43

    When assembling your spindle’s gaskets, does it feel like your all thumbs? This kit contains 16 studs and flanged nuts. With studs installed it's easier to install the spindle gaskets. Gaskets are placed on the studs one at a time, then nuts are installed on the assembly.

    Learn More

  18. Toyota Inner Axle Seal, OEM Style (140035-1)

    Toyota Inner Axle Seal, OEM Style (140035-1)

    Regular Price: $6.62

    Sale Price $6.29

    When you swap out a Birfield joint it's a good idea to change the inner axle seal at the same time to keep the knuckles clean of weeping oil. Fits 79-85 Toyota solid front axle. This is a great part to keep in your tool box for trail side repairs. Learn More

  19. Toyota Front Axle Knuckle Ball Gussets

    Toyota Trail-Gear Front Creeper Axle Knuckle Ball Gussets and shock mounts (140064-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $48.51

    Sale Price $46.08

    Large tires and ruff driving can bend the outer knuckle ends, damaging your front solid axle. The Creeper Gusset Kit reinforces the knuckle ball and helps prevent this bending. Upper gussets include holes for mounting shocks. Kit includes two upper, shock shock mounts, two lower gussets, and eight steering stop gussets.

    Fits 1979-1985 solid Toyota front axle. Weld on installation. Learn More

  20. Toyota 54mm Wheel Bearing Nut Spindle Socket by Trail-Gear (140157-1-KIT)

    Toyota 54mm Wheel Bearing Nut Spindle Socket by Trail-Gear (140157-1-KIT)

    Regular Price: $18.74

    Sale Price $17.80

    Our 54mm sockets are designed for servicing Toyota front axle wheel bearings. We know you don't carry a 3/4" drive ratchet in your tool bag so we made these sockets fit right on your 3/8" ratchet with no additional adapters needed. Learn More