Toyota 22R or 22RE Got Propane Injection Kits

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Manufacturer Low Range Off-Road
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22R Propane Kit
Our kits are specially designed to bolt on carbureted 22R Toyota truck motors, and are designed to use your existing carburetor throttle plates. These are excellent propane conversions - very simple and clean. Most customers report back an increase in power! These are test run and tune each and every one of these on a test truck to ensure the best mileage and power. Installation time should take 2 to 5 hours depending on your experience (this includes removal of your existing fuel system). There is little to no fabrication required. 
20r Propane kits require the use of a 22r carb base and a 22r carb to 20r manifold carb adapter. This only applies to the 20r engine These are street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it.

22RE Propane Kit
We now have a kit designed to use the E.F.I. engine. They are designed to run propane only. Lose that smashed up gas tank and poor driveability due to faulty sensors and old wiring with bad connections. It requires a carbureted distributor and ignition coil. It retains the stock intake manifold and throttle cables. It is designed to remove all of the efi wiring and sensors related to gasoline, resulting in two wires required to power the engine!

You can usually use about 5 to 6 gallons if you run the truck non-stop all day. This is rock crawling/ trail running, about 8 good ones! A typical day of normal trail riding uses about 4 gallons. There is no loss in power with these kits, only power gains!! These are legal for road use depending as long as your local emissions laws allow it.

Each Kit Includes tank brackets. Does not come with a tank. (has brackets for one tank)

Extra tank brackets available for $60

Note: These are not forklift kits! Don't be fooled by other companies that claim to be the same. Unfortunately this is not the truth. There are several very important differences that affect power and longevity. It is equivalent to a one barrel carburetor! Compare it to Our Samurai Kit minus parts!  Like breathing through a straw!