Low Range Off Road is your source for all Suzuki Samurai Armor Parts, including Rock Sliders, Skid Plates, Differential Guards and More!

  1. Suzuki Samurai Defiant Armor Rocker Mount Rock Sliders - SAR-LRR

    Suzuki Samurai Defiant Armor Rocker Mount Rock Sliders

    Starting at: $329.00

    If you want to cover up where your Factory Samurai rocker guards are, and want to cover it with something very strong- this is the ticket.  Provides plenty of strength as well as great looks for protection against rock abrasion.

    The Defiant Armor Rocker Side Protection is the most advanced rocker protection available today..

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  2. Samurai Aftermarket 4x4 Gas Tank Skid

    Samurai Aftermarket 4x4 Gas Tank Skid


    Easily bolts-on to factory location and provides MAXIMUM under-body protection! Made from laser-cut 3/16” steel, then bent and welded for a clean look. Comes ready to paint.

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  3. Suzuki Samurai Reproduction Head, Tail, Signal Lamp Grille Covers

    Suzuki Samurai Reproduction Head, Tail, Signal Lamp Grille Covers

    Starting at: $27.25

    These are reproduction units of the factory Suzuki Samurai Head lamp, Tail Lamp, and Signal Lamp Covers. We zinc plate them for corrosion resistance so you can choose to paint them any color you would like and have a little more corrosion protection. Learn More

  4. Suzuki Samurai Front Frame Reinforcement Plates (SSP-FFP)

    Suzuki Samurai Front Frame Reinforcement Plates (SSP-FFP)


    If you have a Samurai and want to reinforce the front of your frame, this is an excellent way to do it. Sometimes when shock mounts, shock hoops or additional accessories or add-ons are welded to the frame it gets weak. This can make your frame peel like a soda can tab. These are made with rosette weld locations to reinforce the center of the plates to the frame to give maximum amount of rigidity. 

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  5. Low Range Off Road LROR 16G Steel Weld Tag Badge (LRS-LOGO-PLATE-LG)

    Low Range Off Road LROR 16G Steel Weld Tag Badge (LRS-LOGO-PLATE-LG)

    Regular Price: $2.99

    Sale Price $2.50

    We have thousands of these trick Low Range Off Road Logo weld plates, they are cool to add to the vehicle to show off who your favorite off road supplier is! Measures approximately 7.5" long and 2.25" Tall. Made from 16G Steel and CNC Laser Cut. Learn More

  6. Samurai "Mighty Kong" Transfer Case Mount

    Samurai "Mighty Kong" Transfer Case Mount


    The popular "Mighty Kong." made by Trail Tough  This is combination transfer case mount, bucket and skid plate made for the Suzuki Samurai. With its one piece design it will not flex or distort and actually adds strength to your case. It provides protection where you need it - not where you don't and weighs only 12 lbs. It

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  7. "Bad Boy" Nerf Bar Rock Sliders

    Suzuki Samurai "Bad Boy" Nerf Bar Rock Sliders


    Take a thrashin' and keep on bashin'. These bars made by Trail Tough provide superior off-road protection not only for the bottom of the rocker panel but the sides of the vehicle as well. Comes with both bars and all hardware needed.

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  8. Samurai Warrior Rock Barz

    Samurai Warrior Rock Barz

    Starting at: $423.43

    Introducing the "Rock Barz." This heavy duty steel bar protects from wheel well to wheel well and includes polyurethane end caps. Powder coated black. The Rock Barz can also come sporting an aluminum diamond plate non-skid entry step as shown in picture, black powder coated diamond plate non-skid entry step or you can order your with no step. This product is definitely built to last!

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  9. Suzuki Samurai 3" Tube Nurf Bars w/ Step

    Suzuki Samurai 3" Tube Nurf Bars w/ Step


    These 3" tube bars made by Low Range Off-Road offer good looks and functionality. Nurf can be used as a step into the Samurai as well.  Kit comes complete with two nurf bars, and hardware. Installation is bolt-on with included self tapping bolts. Includes drill bit. /p> Learn More

  10. Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Formed Axle Differential Guard Armor

    Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Defiant Armor Formed Axle Differential Guard


    These diffguards are not your ordinary pipe cap. Laser cut and formed from one piece of steel. Design allows for easy cleaning of packed mud with open lower corners, as well as allowing easy installation and removal of the fill plug. Made to fit your Samurai Axles. Weld on kit. Sold individually.

    Fits Both Front and Rear Axles.

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  11. Samurai Differential Caps - Pair

    Samurai Differential Caps - Pair


    These Caps made by Trail Tough are bullet proof protection for your diffs without decreasing ground clearance. Designed to fit your stock Samurai housing front or rear and also fits the Samurai/ Sidekick hybrid housings. Comes with 2 caps.

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  12. Samurai Frame Hugger Full Center Skid Plate by Trail-Tough

    Samurai Frame Hugger Full Center Skid Plate


    This steel belly pan is tough and allows your Zuk to slip over the big rocks without hanging up or damaging your frame, exhaust or vital components. The positive mounting design eliminates any J-bolt or thread damage. It simply slides up each side of the frame rail and you slide a bolt in over top of the frame. No welding of drilling! Made by Trail Tough

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  13. Samurai Windshield Wiper Braces SEB-WB-H-PC

    Samurai Windshield Wiper Braces


    Take a look at your windshield frame, at the passenger wiper, do you see a crack forming, its not to late, get our braces ASAP and prevent having to buy a new windshield frame. Laser cut from 18 Gauge #8 stainless steel. Included is stainless hardware, 3m adhesive backing , 3/32" drill bit, and instructions. Available in Black Powder coat by special request. Kit comes with both sides and is available for both the Soft and Hardtops.

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  14. Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Front Axle Truss / Gusset Kit

    Suzuki Samurai SJ413 Front Axle Truss / Gusset Kit


    Samurai owners know that one of the weakest spots on their vehicle is the front axle.  The axle is suceptable to bending or warping, causing the alignment to wear tires, and the front axle components to prematurely fail.  If you plan on any off road usage, we recommend to truss your axle with our truss and gusset kit.  This is a must for all those who are planning on doing a spring over axle swap or aftermarket suspension and tire upgrades. Learn More

  15. Samurai Rear Diamond Plate Corners (Pre-bent) SEB-DPCH

    Samurai Rear Diamond Plate Corners (Pre-bent)

    Starting at: $145.67

    Protect that rear corner or cover up that dent that seems to be in every Samurai on the road today. These diamond plate corners for your Suzuki Samurai can enhance the appearance of any vehicle. Also made of #3003 aluminum treadbrite, these corners not only look good, but are long lasting and very durable. Unlike chrome, they will never peel, flake or rust. Learn More

  16. Samurai Diamond Plate Rockers

    Samurai Diamond Plate Rockers

    Starting at: $105.16

    Still got those plastic rockers under the doors? GET THEM OFF! They are nothing but rust traps. They collect water and after a while you have nothing left underneath them. These Diamond Plate Rockers are just what you need. If you already have the rust starting, these are the perfect coverup. They look great and give great protection. Curls under bottom corner about an inch also. Comes in either standard diamond plate or powder coated black. Kits comes with both sides.

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