Sky YJ Wrangler Leaf Spring Swap Kits

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Product Name Price Qty
Sky YJ Swap Front Missing Link Kit (Missing link can be bolted up)-SSP-SYJF Weight: 28.0000 lbs
Sky YJ Swap Rear Standard Shackle Kit-SSP-SYJR Weight: 25.0000 lbs
Sky YJ Swap Rear Missing Link Kit-SSP-SYJRML Weight: 30.0000 lbs
Sky YJ Swap Complete Set (Front Missing Link, Rear Standard)-SSP-SYJSET Weight: 28.0000 lbs


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Why would you swap out your Samurai springs for Jeep YJ Wrangler springs? Simply put, people strive for a better ride and more flex than those rock solid under-sprung old springs.

The YJ swap is one of the most common swaps for Samurais because the YJ springs are a 2.5" wide compared to the Samurais 2" springs allowing you to abuse them without the worry of tweaking or axle wrap, and second the YJ springs are at least 6 inches longer than the stock Samurai springs. The extra length gives you extreme flex, and of course- a better ride. All you need is a set of used or new Wrangler leaf springs taken from any 1987-1995 YJs. Most YJs had 4 leaf front and 5 leaf rears to take care of axle wrap. It was not uncommon for some to have 6 leaf springs. You can use any of these springs in the front or rear location.

This kit with stock height YJ springs should give you an additional 2.5 inches of lift from a spring over depending on the condition of the springs. Also can be used in a spring under configuration too.

Front kit is a missing link setup that pushes your front axle about 1" forward. Also a nice option is that you can bolt up the front missing link if you want to do away with the missing link setup.

Both kits are fully bolt-on and come with all needed mounting brackets, hardware, shackles, and u-bolt plates.

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Full Kit Part # SSP-SYJSET includes SSP-SYJF and SSP-SYJR with a New Low Price. 

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