Petroworks 1.6L Engine Swap Adapter Kit

Manufacturer Petroworks
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Product Name Price Qty
Complete Adapter Kit -SEU-PW16 Weight: 20.0000 lbs
Engine adapter plate only -SEU-PWAP Weight: 5.0000 lbs
Engine Mounts Only -SEU-PWEMO Weight: 12.0000 lbs



If you ware wanting to do the common swap of a 1.6L Sidekick/Tracker engine, this is the kit to go with. By far the best kit on the market. Petroworks had it together when they designed this. The full circle engine adaptor leaves no gaps keeping the dust and water out. It also provides strength and alignment that is not available in any other adapter on the market. Alignment bushings provided with the kit position the adapter plate and transmission perfectly. Design of the motor and new transmission mounts allows for an easy install without the need of a body lift. Most will not tell you that the body lift is needed. Repeat, NO BODY LIFT NEEDED!

Kit comes with standard full circle rubber motor mounts for a vibration free drive.


You will need the complete engine with all the hoses and pulleys. You'll need the fan, starter, alternator, coil, air cleaner, exhaust manifold and head pipe. You can use your 1.3L intake manifold to run the stock carburetor if you wish or swap in the fuel injection from the 8 valve or 16-valve engines.  To go fuel injected, you'll need the engine wiring harness, everything attached to the harness, under dash wiring harness, ECM (computer), instrument cluster and air cleaner assembly. Grab the catalytic converter if you can. The donor vehicles wiring harness will need to be modified for use in the Samurai as well as the Samurai speedometer which will need the speed sensor from the donor vehicle adapted to it. There are a few companies that will modify your harness for a price.

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