Sky Front Toyota Axle Conversion Kit

Manufacturer Sky-Manufacturing
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79-83 Toyota Axle Swap Kit (No or Short Lower Truss)-SSP-TAS1 Weight: 18.0000 lbs
84-85 Toyota Axle Swap Kit (Long Lower Truss)-SSP-TAS2 Weight: 18.0000 lbs



We are proud to carry the Toyota axle conversion kit for the Suzuki Samurai. This kit allows the installation of a Toyota front axle under a Suzuki Samurai using either Jeep YJ leaf springs or Samurai Springs. Jeep Springs are 2.5 inch's wide, normal pack thickness is slightly over 1.250 inch's.

The issue you have to deal with when installing the Toyota axle under a Samurai is that the Toyota axle spring pads are 3/8" outside where the Samurai Springs mount. Some just mount things up but this causes many problems down the line. The other issue is that is you simply move the spring pads in 3/8" you cannot get a ubolt around the axle right next the the differential, it is just not possible without major modification.

That is why this kit is the answer. This kit allows installer to simply move Toyota spring perch eyes to Samurai width without massive reworking of existing axle housing. Kit consists of 1 plate that you weld to the factory perch on the diff side of the axle with a top plate that bolts down your spring to the lower plate. It still uses one ubolt on the outside for ultimate strength. For the long side of the axle you simply remove you factory perch and weld the new included taller perch, 3/8" inward. Comes with all needed hardware and ubolts. Please specify what year front axle you have because the u-bolts do change.

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