Deka Intimidator AGM Battery, Top and Side Post 10 3/4" x 6 7/8" x 8" (9A78DT)

Weight 42.5000
Manufacturer Deka
Availability 1-2 Weeks from Order

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If you haven't heard of Deka, now is the time. Deka batteries a made  in the USA. They are focused on one thing: Quality. The intimidator line of batteries are right up our alley. Why?

Intimidator Batteries are a AGM Battery. What does this mean? Absorbed Glass Mat. So what? Well, these batteries have a glass mat that absorbs all the fluid inside the battery, rather than spilling out when tipped, the AGM battery will keep all the fluid absorbed like a sponge. Great for us all using these for off road use.

Intimidator Batteries are made with fortified posts, straps and internal welds giving the battery 20 times more vibration resistant than a standard car battery.

Intimidator Batteries have almost 2x the endurance* in severe service and 2x the cycle life compared to conventional battery designs.  These batteries are equipped for the toughest conditions and the most intense electrical power demands. Great for power for high-performance equipment and a high impact design for rugged, back road adventures.

Spillproof and Leakproof. Makes these batteries safer to use around expensive electronics or equipment.


Intimidator “Flat Plate Design” vs. Other’s Spiral “6-Pack”

Most efficient use of internal volume for more power-per-pound
• Same benefits of AGM technology as spiral wound
• Designed to optimize recombination process for longer battery life
• Innovative yet practical engineering for the best cost per value ratio

The Deka Intimidator's dual purpose capabilities delivers quick starts and plenty of competition-quality accessory power for stereo systems, hydraulic lifts, winches, on-board electronics and many other power demands. Its spillproof and leakproof design enables many installation options while providing added protection for expensive and sensitive electronic equipment.

Designed to resist life-robbing vibration, the Deka Intimidator's tight-pack plate and separator construction is ideal for tuner cars, off-road vehicles, race cars or any other applications where sealed AGM performance is an advantage. And for a secure fit, with less retrofit, the Deka Intimidator has dual-terminals and a case/cover configuration used by Original Equipment Auto, Van and Truck Manufacturers.

The Deka Intimidator's flat plate design optimizes efficiency by making full use of the available cube space, which results in more active material and headspace (the space above the cells that retains gasses waiting for recombination). Its complete use of internal cube space ensures a better fit, with less retrofit, than competing AGM cylinder type batteries, which typically have voids of unused space.

The Deka Intimidator's technologically superior AGM design lowers resistance, increases power and eliminates acid spills, leaks and terminal corrosion by utilizing highly micro-porous separators to absorb electrolyte. Eliminating the need to add water, the Deka Intimidator's flat plate design offers increased efficiency for true maintenance-free performance and maximum power.

Amazing Battery Specifications:


Model:  9A78DT

Cold Cranking Amps: 775 CCA at 0 degrees Farenheight

Reserve Capacity: 120

REF. CA.: 955

20 AH. Rate: 55

Weight: 42.5 Lbs

Length: 10 3/4" (273mm)

Width: 6 7/8" (175mm)

Height: 8" (203mm)

Warranty: If battery is used on-highway vehicles equiped with two-way radios (such as taxis, police, and emergency vehicles), marine applications, off-highway use, and other non-automotive usage, free warranty replacement period will be 18 months. Free replacement warranty is 12 months in deep-cycle use and 3 months in full electric vehicle use



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