Bolt On D-Ring Mount, Attachment Point, with Hardware by Low Range Off Road (TFB-BDRM)

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Manufacturer Low Range Off-Road
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If you are looking to add an attachment point or a dring mount to your off road vehicle, Low Range Off Road has your solution. These D-Ring Mounts are made to be bolted on using the supplied M12 Grade 12.9 Hardware.

You may ask, what can these take as far as weight carrying capacity?

When you think about it, a winch is carried by 4 -3/8" Bolts. Usually Grade 5 or less- and they are screwed into a die cast aluminum body.  A winch can take a lof of abuse can't it?

These Grade 12.9 Bolts are long enough to go through 1/4" Thick bumpers, and if you wanted extra weight carrying ability- you could weld them as a precaution.


-CNC Machined from 1" Thick Billet Steel here in Utah, USA.

-2.75" Tall

-Hole Sized for Standard 3/4" Shackle Dring

-Includes Grade 12.9 Bolts and Grade 10 Nyloc Nuts (Long Enough to go through 1/4" Thick Mounting Surface)

-Sold Individually


If you still need a reference on the strength of a M12 Bolt, Here is a good reference:

A Standard Pitch M12 Bolt will take a 8,180kg proof load.  

Calculate kg to lbs

18,033.8 lbs is what you come up with.  We include fine pitch bolts, which have about 10% more proof load carrying than a standard pitch.

This equals 19,837.19 lbs.  This is a lot. And we have 2 of these bolts holding the D-Ring on. However, that does not mean that the bolt or shear point is not going to be coming from a different direction.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend with these that the load be applied at an angle to the plane of the dring mount.  This is the case with any towing situation... your frame and your bumper is usually not designed to take load from an angle.  If you plan on doing this, we recommend welding these to the vehicle as well.  Please use proper towing techniques at all times.  Make sure that your bumper or mounting location is thick enough to take the load associated by the force being applied.




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